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Experience the flair of the cosmopolitan financial metropolis Frankfurt with its famous skyline, enjoy art in the city of documenta, Cassel, and relax in the hills park Cassel-Bad Wilhelmshöhe. Discover the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm in Hanau and admire the medieval buildings and historical alleys of Marburg. Visit old castles in Offenbach and Darmstadt.

Moreover, Hesse offers most beautiful landscapes. Relish excursions to the UNESCO world heritage national park Kellerwald-Edersee, the Felsenmeer (sea of rocks) in the Odenwald or climb in Taunus.

The saying 'Das beste Esse‘ gibt’s beim Hesse' means that you will find the best German food in Hesse, so don't miss Äppelwoi (a special kind of cider), green sauce or Handkäse mit Mussig (a strong cheese that is served with onions).

Hesse has modern and cosmopolitan cities, true nature and finest culture. Arts lovers, gourmets, sportsmen, as well as families with kids will be find great places and activities to do here. 

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Nature lovers will find a lot of national parks, moreover Taunus and Odenwald offer great hiking trails. If you prefer going by bike, you'll be delighted to find more than 3000 km of bicycle roads that are spread over the state. The 'Baumkronenweg Edernsee' is great fun for the whole family. Just next to a lake, the treetop walk enables you to see the forest from above and learn a lot about the local ecosystem.

For arts lovers, the documenta in Cassel is an absolute must. Every five years, the most important exhibition for contemporary art attracts thousands of visitors and collectors. The museums Schirn and Stadel in Frankfurt are as well excellent.

Once a year, you can enjoy Äppelwoi at the 'Apfelwein Festival' where the city celebrates the 'Hesse national drink' with music and more.

Try the thermal springs and water parks in Taunus and free yourself from the rush of daily life


The infamous Äppelwoi may taste a little strange first. But - after the seventh glass, so the Hesse locals, everyone will love this drink. In the Frankfurt quarter Altsachs, you'll find a couple of charming and rustic bars where you can try the drink, normally mixed with sparkling water or lemonade.

The green sauce has its name because of the many herbs that it is made with. Every restaurant has its own recipe and the various recipes are supposed to be kept top secret. It is served cold, with potatoes and beef, roast or eggs.

The brave ones should taste the 'Handkäs mit Mussig'. The cheese is rather strong and 'mit Mussig' means with music. The music alludes to the effect that the many onions on the cheese will have on your digestion. The regional cuisine also offers a large variety of sausages, world famous is the 'Frankfurter' that you even find as far as in the USA. But nothing is better than the original! Furthermore, you'll also find a lot of great cakes and desserts. 

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