Ticino - Swiss alps and Mediterranean climate

Ticino is the Swiss region south of the alps. It contains the contrast of the closeness to the alps with its hiking and winter sports possibilities as well as the Mediterranean feeling from the beaches, chestnut forests and palm trees. The charm of this region is that you can have both in one day. With its diversified landscape and activities, Ticino is a holiday destination for summer as well as for winter. The region is strongly influenced by the Italian culture and cuisine, so you will find friendly, open minded people and good food.

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Ticino Hotels

In Ticino, we found a very special and authentic accommodation for you. It is a rustic countryside house, where you can even bring your pet! The secretplaces team will be delighted to help you book your dream holiday in Ticino, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Summer activities in Ticino

In summer, enjoy the lakes of Lugano and Locarno. Go for a swim, a boat trip or sit at the shore and have a cool drink, while relaxing and having a great view on the alps. But, you don't only look at them, of course, you should go at least on one hike or for climbing to experience the special atmosphere with the rocky peaks, forests and wild rivers.
Ticino has over 70 museums, so you should not get bored for a long time. In these museums, you can learn about the history of the region, the abstract arts, fishing, architecture and more. The castles of Bellinzona are a highlight that you should not miss as they are part of the UNESCO world heritage. These three castles are the Castelgrande,  the Monte Bello and the Sasso Corbaro. You will find another site of UNESCO heritage in Monte San Giorgio: there are marine fossils, deep forests and hidden caves. Go and explore this region!

Especially attractive for families are the attractions of the toboggan run, water parks, falconry and theme hiking trails.

Winter activities in Ticino

The close-by alps offer perfect conditions for many kinds of winters sports. They have countless skiing lopes, no matter if down hill or on flat land. Did you ever try snow-shoe hiking? No? Then, this is the perfect place to do it. But no worries, you can also go hiking without these shoes on the normal winter hiking tracks.
After having been active, go and visit one of the many cosy Christmas markets for a hot drink and some delicious snacks. Or, treat yourself in one of the famous Spas and Wellness spots and just enjoy the amazing views on the alps, which you have from almost every spot.



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