Cá na Serra

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Rates from   450.00 EUR

"Cá na Serra" is a charming country home in Alentejo, not far from the coast. It's a beautifully designed architectural gem that effortlessly blends in with its natural surroundings, much like a cork tree in the landscape. It has a comforting and welcoming feel that becomes more apparent as you explore it at a leisurely pace.

Outside, the house has distinctive sharp corners and edges, offering excellent viewpoints to enjoy the surrounding nature from within. Every piece of furniture, fabric, or material inside has been carefully chosen to either blend in harmoniously or surprise you pleasantly.

Sitting atop the highest point of the property, the house gently slopes down to reveal an infinity pool, strategically positioned to provide an immersive swimming experience against the stunning backdrop of the Serra.

The house's patio, which shields you from the evening winds typical of Alentejo, is centrally located where the old house once stood. The new house has been built around this patio as a tribute to its historical predecessor.

The unique curved design of the house creates captivating plays of light and shadow from sunrise to sunset.

The villa consists of three separate units. It starts with a garage that boasts a rooftop terrace. Next, there's a guest unit with two generously sized bedrooms and a bathroom featuring a connecting shower. Finally, there's the main unit with the master bedroom and a spacious guestroom affectionately known as the 'Mediaroom,' complete with a wall-to-wall daybed for family movie nights, and top-notch streaming equipment for entertainment.

The main unit offers a generously proportioned living room and dining area, providing breathtaking views of the Serra. The kitchen is conveniently located alongside one of the outer walls, making it the perfect spot for your morning coffee while overlooking the patio.

There's also a bathroom with an inviting bathtub that might entice you to spend your entire day soaking in its comfort (come and find out why!). A separate toilet near the kitchen and a pantry, stocked with coffee and wine at ideal temperatures, are located near the living area, making it ideal for hosting guests for enjoyable evenings in the Serra.

The house is well-suited for both summer and winter seasons, equipped with air conditioning for a cool summer retreat and heating for cozy winter nights.

Design Panoramic views Secluded Surrounded by nature


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Rates from   450.00 EUR
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+351 214 647 430 or +44 203 286 46 43

Transport / Distances

City Centre: 8 km
Shops: 8 km
Airport: 129 km
Train Station: 20 km

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