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Sometimes unofficially known as Val de Loire (Valley of the Loire) or Centre - Val de Loire, the name is actually a bit of a misnomer as it is not the geographical centre of France, as the name implies. That is purely an administrative term established by some Government boffins to encompass the many historical provinces of the region.
But no matter, that is a small point when considering the beauty of this region which is The main feature of Centre is very much "Loire Valle" like. That means chateaux aplenty, manor houses and a genteel and sophisticated way of life where good food, good wine and good conversation is a way of life.

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Centre- Vallée de la Loire - Activities

The region of the Valley of the Loire is known for its ancient villages and castles, which are to be found in books and legends and which were often coveted by the Gallic people, the Roman people, the Visigoths and even Attila the Hun. Steeped in history, this region offers a wide range of interesting cultural activities. 

You can rent bikes and ride through the beautiful and lush valley. The landscapes are there known to be majestic and beautiful, especially during the summer. In the Loire Valley, you will also find some of the best wines of France and a great gastronomy.

Another thing you should do while travelling in the Valley of the Loire is to visit the fortresses of Amboise and Angers, the cathedral of Chartres (listed as a UNESCO World heritage site) and the great cathedral of the city of Nantes. The Museum of Jules Vernes, with its many replicas of the artist´s inventions in Nantes is also to be viewed.

In the capital of stately home and elegance, salute the former inhabitants of the region: the Romans in Tours, the prehistoric men in Touraine, and Jeanne d´Arc, liberator of Orléans and experience a trip you won´t forget.