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Welcome to our unique selection of romantic hotels in Belgium and boutique Belgium hotels. Secretplaces highlights only truly special accommodations, so whatever your reasons to travel, be it a romantic getaway, the thrill of staying at a cosy bed & breakfast hotel in Bruges or a charming Belgian accommodation, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot in Belgium.

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Boutique & Romantic Hotels in Belgium

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We can’t think of a more down to earth and unassuming, yet fascinating, country than Belgium. It’s been happily going its own way for over 175 years almost under the radar screen for many people. But Belgium is actually one of the most interesting places in Europe and it is is a shame that many people see it as a gateway rather than a place to discover, get to know and enjoy in its own right.

How many countries of comparable size, for example, can boast picture perfect cities such as Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, some of the best beer and cuisine in the world, three official languages and the unofficial title of capital of Europe in Brussels?

On this latter note, Belgium’s historical importance to Europe, despite its small size, reflects a strategically important position at the juncture of some of the great powers of Europe, namely France, Germany and the Netherlands. It has been fought over the centuries, from Roman times to Waterloo, where Napoleon met his match at hands of the Duke of Wellington, and right up to the 1st World War.

Belgium, of course, has its own idiosyncrasies – it hasn’t had an effective working Government for over two years, for a start, and an intense rivalry between the highly developed Flemish region and the French speaking south. For all this, the Belgians themselves are justly proud of their culture and place in the world.

Anyway, a country that produces over 80 types of beer always deserves our respect.

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