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Welcome to our unique selection of romantic hotels in France and boutique France hotels. Secretplaces highlights only those truly special accommodations with soul, so whatever your reasons to travel, be it a romantic getaway, the thrill of staying at a boutique hotel in France or small France hotel, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot.

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Hotels by Ingredients

  •   Authentic environment
  •   Design
  •   Easygoing
  •   Fine cuisine
  •   Good for business
  •   Great for kids
  •   Historical building
  •   Natural beauty
  •   Panoramic views
  •   Romantic
  •   Secluded
  •   Simple pleasures
  •   Sporty and fun
  •   Trendy
  •   Value for money

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Boutique & Romantic Hotels in France

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There’s a single word that manages to convey the meaning of flair, flamboyance, pride and swagger all into one and it’s French: Panache! If ever there was a word that accurately describes the Gallic way of life then this is it and if ever there was a country that has taken the art of living to such sophisticated heights then it must be France.

The finest cuisine, wines and cheeses vie with a unique sense of style that makes it a simply irresistible proposition. Countless monuments (over 40,000), chateaux and abbeys (10,000) and museums (6,000) will keep even the most urbane traveller happy. Yet for all its sophistication France fiercely hangs on to its rural traditions and beliefs like no other modern country.

This is very much reflected in the country’s range of accommodations. Romantic hotels in France and boutique hotels in France can be as sophisticated as any in the world, of course, but you will also find rustic and charming hotels in France. After all, well over half of France is still countryside, so that in addition to its beautiful cities, it has managed to preserve its magnificent landscapes, mountain scenery and a village life... of yesteryear with no apparent contradiction.

Only the French could pull this off, so whatever you are looking for – whether bold modern architecture, peaceful medieval villages or just downright chic (another French word!) France will have it and will have it with panache.

Festivals The French sure do know how to have a good time and party. Evidence is the (over) 5000 festivals that take place every year. There’s always something going on.

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Secretplaces is an independent hotel guide to some of the most beautiful and charming hotels and guesthouses, independent of price. Over the years, we have visited thousands of lodgings of which only a few have made it into this fine selection