A country with wonderful cuisine and landscape

With its historical buildings, inland waters, healing springs and wonderful wine, Hungary is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The lively country is a true natural beauty, which with Lake Balaton is an ideal destination for short trips but also for longer summer holidays.

While the northern shore of Lake Balaton has deeper waters, the southern shore of the lake is rather shallow and therefore ideal for a family holiday with children. In summer the water can reach 26 degrees: Ideal for a day on one of the 70 lakeside beaches with plenty of sunshine and relaxation. Other activities on Lake Balaton include fishing, sailing and cycling. Along the 77 km long lake you will find beautiful restaurants where you can enjoy the sunset with a glass of Hungarian white wine in the evening. If you are longing for a big city feeling,

Budapest is the place to be, where you will find many sights and in the late evening an exciting city life begins. The former Jewish quarter is home to numerous pubs and restaurants, all of which have creative interiors with a variety of highlights.

Regions in Hungary

Accommodation in Hungary

The hotels and accommodations in Hungary are just as fabulous as the surrounding landscape of the country. From luxurious hotels to cosy apartments, you will find a wide range of accommodation options to suit every need and give you an insight into Hungary life. We will be happy to help you find the right accommodation for your holiday.

Hungarian cuisine

Whether hearty or sugar sweet - the Hungarian cuisine has something to offer for every taste. It belongs to the Balkan cuisine and is one of the most popular dishes from Eastern Europe. In addition to the classic goulash soup, you will also find many meat and fish dishes, which are usually served with paprika potatoes. As dessert you will find in the classic restaurants a sugar-sweet offer, which ranges from cakes with butter cream or almond chocolate to typical desserts made of sponge cake with vanilla cream.

Wine Festival in Hungary

Wine Festival and fell in love with the breathtaking atmosphere and special charm of the region.The Tokaj region is known all over the world for its beautiful nature and numerous vineyards. Every year a festival takes place in the region, at which winegrowers from the 28 settlements of the Tokaj wine region present their new wine varieties. In addition to wine sales and tastings, you can also buy numerous delicacies at the festival, such as Hungarian honey and salami. There is also a traditional craft market, theater performances and a children's program. The festival usually takes place between 27 and 29 May.

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