Wales - castles full of myths and legends

An amazing country full of myths and legends! 
Here, a lot of centuries-old stories are waiting for you. Wales offers not only castles and palaces but also natural wonders like great national parks and nice beaches!

Regions in Wales

Hotels in Wales

Are you looking for a trendy hotel in the centre of Cardiff? Do you feel like enjoying the amazing nature of Wales in a cosy apartment in the countryside?
We've selected the most beautiful hotels and the nicest getaways for you!

Wales as a destination

Wales has escaped the tourist boom and offers therefore untouched nature with green forests and beautiful beaches!
Especially the three nature parks are worth a visit: Brecon Beacons (north), Pembrokeshire Coast (southwest) and Snowdonia (northwest).
Furthermore, the peninsula The Gower and the Holy Island with its lighthouse are popular sights. 
Are you a culture lover? Giant palaces and impressive castles such as the Caerphilly Castle can be discovered in Wales!

Eat and drink in Wales

The lamb of the sheeps, grazing in the mountains and valleys of Wales, is famous and should be tasted!
Fresh fish, shells and oysters are served at every corner as well.
Great emphasis is put on Welsh cheese: from Caerphilly, Tintern and Y Fenni to Black Bomber and Peri Las.
A traditional tea break includes the fruit bread Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes.
For dinner, a lot of locals tend to eat Welsh Rarebit, melted cheese with spices on a slice of brown bread. 

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