Sheer natural beauty

The sheer natural beauty of Norway is enough to attract travellers of all ages and is a country that can truly cater for all interests. Those who are in pursuit of the ultimate outdoor adventure should look no further than the stunning Norwegian Fjords – an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. Nature lovers can venture to the northern arquipelago of Svalbard, where you may be lucky and encounter the apex predator of the arctic: the polar bear. If the urban environment is more to your liking, the capital Oslo provides endless culinary experiences as well as showcasing the best in Scandinavian design, which can be found in the numerous concept stores.

Don’t be put off by the cold winter climate, as those who venture to Norway can experience one of nature’s natural wonders: the Northern lights. A large part of the country is situated within the Arctic Circle, offering an excellent opportunity to witness the magical Aurora Borealis.

It is hard to fit so much into a single trip to Norway, but one thing is certain: you will not leave disappointed.

Regions in Norway

Norway - Hotels, Apartments and B&B

Welcome to our singular selection of romantic and stylish hotels in Norway. Secretplaces selects only those truly special accommodations with soul and character. Whatever your reasons to travel to the beautiful country of Norway, at Secretplaces we will be able to help find your perfect location to stay at and enjoy everything this country has to offer. 

Norway - What to see and do

Those venturing to Norway will struggle to fit everything into one single trip, such is the vastness of options and possibilities of experiences on offer. Nature lovers will wish to head north to experience some of the incredible wildlife within the Arctic Circle. With more than 10% of mainland Norway being covered by areas of national park, this is the perfect destination is you wish to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. Those who prefer more Culture and Arts will be spoilt for choice in the capital city Oslo – a real highlight including heading to the famous Opera house which also offers incredible views over the rest of the city from its rooftop. 

Norway - Gastronomy

Norway is currently experiencing a gastronomic revolution with a greater focus on local, fresh produce as well as seeking sustainable food consumption. Norway’s cold and largely unpolluted climate is perfect for growing fresh fruit and vegetables. 

An extensive coastline has provided a rich seafood tradition in this country. A trip to Norway is the perfect time to sample some local seafood delicacies such as King crab or smoked arctic char. 

Norway is amongst the top 3 coffee consuming countries in the world and consequently visitors will not be short of independent coffee shops to warm up in whilst visiting some of the larger cities. Urban centres such as Oslo and Bergen are home to a wide range of fine dining restaurants, offering the perfect opportunity to sample to best of Norwegian gastronomy.