Best places to stay in Spain

Welcome to Spain, a country full of tradition, heritage, and natural beauty. From the bustling cities of Madrid and Barcelona, to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast, and the cute villages nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, Spain presents endless opportunities for travellers. Delight in the world-renowned cuisine, savour the regional wines, and immerse yourself in tradition and festivities. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural discovery we have out together a selection of the best boutique and charming accommodations in Spain, unique in their style, to get to know the country in depth. If you have an idea of the type of trip you are looking for, our collection of small hotels and villas in Spain will help you find some of the nicest:

We have divided Spain into 3 small chapters in which we give you a short introduction to the various regions of this vibrant country:

  • Where to go and where to stay in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.
  • Where to go and where to stay in Andalusia and Extremadura.
  • Where to go and where to stay in the centre and north of Spain.

Where to stay in the Balearic islands and the Canary islands

Discover the beauty of the Balearic Islands, a group of four Mediterranean islands that offer an array of experiences. Mallorca, the largest island, boasts breathtaking landscapes, charming old towns like Palma, and some of the most stunning beaches in the region. From the impressive Gothic cathedral in Palma to the picturesque villages of Deià and Valldemossa, there is no shortage of history and culture to explore. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of hiking and cycling trails that wind through the Tramuntana Mountains. And for those seeking a luxurious getaway, we offer a selection of exclusive villas in Mallorca, where you can relax and soak up the island's unique beauty or opt for a stay in one of the boutique hotels in Mallorca we have carefully selected.

Menorca is known for its unspoiled natural beauty, with pristine beaches and charming towns like Ciutadella. Formentera is a small island paradise with laid-back vibes and beautiful beaches. Ibiza offers unique experiences beyond its party scene, including UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Dalt Vila fortress and charming villages like Sant Antoni. Whether you're a nature lover, beachgoer, culture enthusiast, or looking for a relaxing getaway, escape the typical tourist traps and discover the unique charm of the Balearics. We have put together a curated list of the best hotels and villas in MenorcaMallorcaFormentera, and Ibiza, so you can experience the islands in comfort and style.

The Canary Islands, located off the northwest coast of Africa, are a unique blend of natural beauty and rich culture. Tenerife, the largest and most populous island, is known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and natural wonders like the Teide National Park. Gran Canaria, which is a bit more touristy has a diverse landscape with dramatic mountains, sandy beaches, and charming towns like Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Lanzarote will enchant you with its unique lunar landscape shaped by volcanic activity, as well as beautiful beaches and creative art installations. Fuerteventura is a paradise for beach lovers, with long stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters. La Gomera is still considered an insider tip of the Canaries - hiking in paradise-like wet forests, mountain biking on the highest island mountain, whale watching and overall an island with gentle tourism. La Palma, also known as the "green island," offers lush vegetation, hiking trails, and stargazing opportunities. El Hierro is a peaceful and unspoiled island with natural wonders like the Las Puntas de Arrecife cliffs and the El Sabinar dragon tree. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway, a family holiday, or an adventurous escape, we've found the best holiday homes and boutique hotels on the Canary islands for you to make your stay even more special.

Where to stay in Andalusia and Extremadura

Andalusia, in the southern part of Spain, is a must-visit destination full of diverse and captivating experiences. It also offers a perfect blend of history, culture, natural landscapes, and magnificent beaches. In Seville, immerse yourself in culture by visiting the Alcazar and Cathedral. Granada is known for its singular Alhambra Palace, while Cordoba is home to the incredible Mezquita-Catedral and local delicacies like salmorejo. Málaga offers a vibrant coastal city experience with the Moorish Alcazaba fortress and Picasso Museum. For beach lovers, the Costa del Sol has a lively atmosphere like the scenic village of Nerja. You can experience rural Andalusia in the lovely white-washed villages of Pueblos Blancos, and catch a flamenco performance in Seville, Granada, or Jerez de la Frontera.

Andalusia is also home to numerous national parks and nature reserves for outdoor enthusiasts. With all these experiences on offer, Andalusia is an unmissable destination for any traveller. We've personally handpicked the best accommodations, including boutique hotels in SevilleGranada, and Cordoba, as well as holiday homes and villas in Málaga and throughout the Costa del Sol, so you can have the best stay possible.

Extremadura, in western Spain has so much to offer. Visit Caceres for its medieval architecture and Trujillo for its impressive castle. Nature lovers will appreciate Monfragüe National Park and the Jerte Valley. Sample local delicacies such as Iberian ham and Torta del Casar cheese, and taste the regional Ribera del Guadiana wine. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Roman Theatre in Mérida and the Vostell-Malpartida Museum dedicated to contemporary art. We have selected the best rural houses in Extremadura for you to experience the region's peaceful retreats, cultural adventures, and outdoor explorations. Don't miss the lively cities of Caceres and Badajoz.

Where to stay in Central and Northern Spain

The central region of Spain is a must-see destination for those interested in history, culture, and outstanding architecture. Begin your journey in Madrid, Spain's vibrant capital, where you can discover important museums, beautiful parks, and relish in the lively atmosphere of the city's plazas and streets. We have beautiful boutique hotels in Madrid.

From there, head to Toledo in Castilla La Mancha, the former capital of Spain and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the medieval streets, appreciate the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral, and visit the Alcazar fortress for outstanding views of the city. Check out the best boutique hotels in Toledo.

On top of a rocky hill, the charming town of Cuenca offers staking views of the surroundings. Walk around the quaint old town, go to the Church, and stroll among the hanging houses. Overall, the central region of Spain offers a rich and diverse cultural heritage, unique architecture, and a unique gastronomy.

Segovia is another city with a fascinating history and impressive architecture. Visit the fairy tale-like Alcazar Castle, admire the Roman aqueduct, and indulge in the regional specialty of roast suckling pig. León is a lovely city with Gothic architecture. Visit the Cathedral, check out the historic old town, and try some of the local cuisine.

Salamanca, also a UNESCO World Heritage site, is known for its Plaza Mayor, great architecture, and prestigious university. We found an elegant boutique hotel in the heart of Salamanca. Take a pleasant walk through the historic streets, appreciate the ornate sandstone buildings, and visit the university's fascinating libraries and classrooms.

Northern Spain offers an abundance of wonderful landscapes, a rich past, and unique experiences for the intrepid traveller. In the Basque Country, you can explore the rugged coastline and indulge in the delicious local cuisine, including Basque-style tapas known as pintxos. In Galicia, you can enjoy the natural hot springs, marvel at the medieval towns, and sample some of the freshest seafood in the world. We have a splendid selection of country hotels in the Basque Country, as well as romantic bed and breakfasts in Galicia.

Asturias is a region that offers a plethora of outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, and mountain biking through marvellous sceneries. Meanwhile, Cantabria is known for its well-preserved architecture, including charming towns like Santillana del Mar and the Picos de Europa National Park. Enjoy a stay in some of the best country hotels in Asturias and Cantabria.

You will often find the name "casonas" or "caseríos" in combination with charming hotels. These terms refer to old country houses or manor houses that are located in rural areas and typically feature traditional architecture and a historical character. The accommodations in casonas and caseríos in northern Spain are often spacious and surrounded by agricultural or natural landscapes. Some of them have been transformed into truly beautiful luxury hotels, but generally, they are charming hotels where you can experience rural life and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

In Aragon, you can see the Gothic cathedral in Huesca, the Mudéjar architecture of Teruel - in which we have luxury country retreats, and the Basílica del Pilar in Zaragoza.

If you're planning a trip to Spain, don't miss the opportunity to visit Valencia and Catalonia. Valencia blends old and new with its historic old town, futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, and delightful beaches. Its cuisine, especially the famous paella and horchata, is also worth exploring. In Catalonia, experience its rich history and architecture, including the works of Gaudi in Barcelona. The Costa Brava has spectacular surroundings and picturesque villages, while the Pyrenees Mountains provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. We've handpicked the best hotels in the Costa Brava and beautiful boutique hotels in Barcelona and Valencia, so you can experience the best of these regions.