Scotland - an exhilarating destination

Scotland is one of those exhilarating nations that seem to pack so much into such a compact place.
Part of the United Kingdom, it retains its own unique identity, history and culture, and though picture postcard clichés of Scotland abound – from the haggis to whisky and kilts, etc, etc, the truth is it is also a modern and forward thinking nation offering visitors so much to delight.

Scotalnd hotels, bed & breakfasts and country inns

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Scotland - What to see and do

 For those seeking a city break then the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are your best options. If the outdoor lifestyle is more to your liking then the Scottish Highlands are your playground. Cairngorms National Park, situated in the heart of the Scottish Highlands provides everything from incredible walks, diverse flora and fauna, stunning castles and visitor-friendly distilleries. 

If you head to the very North you can complete the North Coast 500: an incredible 500 mile road trip of stunning coastal scenery, known as `Scotland’s route 66`, this is the perfect trip for the adventurous traveller. 

Whilst it may not be as well-known as Norway, Greenland or Iceland for observing the Northern Lights, Scotland in the winter months offers some fantastic chances to observe the Aurora Borealis. Head to the Northern parts such as Orkney or Shetland during the autumn and winter season for the best chance of seeing this incredible spectacle. 

Scotland - Gastronomy

Scotland’s food and drink scene is enough to attract any traveller to this country. With the Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep, Scotland is the perfect place to try some incredible seafood. Haggis is Scotland’s national dish, and whilst it may not be to everyone’s liking, it is worth trying at least once. 

Whiskey distilleries are spread throughout the country, with plenty of tasting tours available all year round as well as being able to learn about the complete process of producing it.