The small diving paradise Malta

Have you ever jumped from a cliff into cold, refreshing water on a 30-degree warm day? We can tell you: It is a breathtaking feeling and a unique adrenaline kick - especially on the small Mediterranean island of Malta. We would like to welcome you to our next destination: Malta. 

With about 316 square kilometres, the island south of Sicily is the smallest member state of the EU.

The island's Mediterranean climate attracts many tourists every year, who can enjoy pure relaxation in Malta all year round. In summer the maximum temperatures in Malta can reach over 30 degrees, making the island a perfect beach and sunbathing holiday. However, a cool wind means that the temperature is never too hot, but always pleasant. If it's too warm for you, there are plenty of bays where you can sit and swim in the turquoise water. There are also numerous cliffs from which you can jump into the dreamlike water. 

In addition to the bays and the sea, Malta also has many beautiful cities that you can visit on a day trip.  Malta's capital, Valletta, is considered one of the world's most historically secure old towns. The city has a breathtaking architecture and numerous sights, such as the high baroque cathedral from the 16th century - St. John's Co-Cathedral.

Regions in Malta

Maltas beautiful hotels

This small archipelago in the Meditarranean comes with the legacy of an extraordinary 7000 year history that has seen numerous conquerors come and go. Each one, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Arabs, Spanish and British, have left their own indelible mark to create a unique blend that is Malta. 

It all makes for a truly versatile destination that packs a a big punch not only in terms of architecture and history but also in the natural wonders on offer. Choose from one of our charming Malta hotels as a base to discover its magic.

Maltese cuisine

Maltese cuisine belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine and is strongly influenced by Italian and English cuisine. Our favourite snack is pastizzi, a small puff pastry filled with ricotta or pea puree. The small bags remind at first of a croissant, but their filling conjures up an element of surprise when consumed. Malta's national dish is Stuffat Tal-Fenek: a rabbit stew. This stew has to simmer for hours so that the aromas can unfold freely. Various vegetables and Maltese bread go particularly well with this stew.

Diving paradise

It isn’t hard to see why Malta is considered to be a diving paradise. The enitre island is surrounded by turquoise blue water and there is a huge range of diving schools for beginners and advanced divers. Even long-time professionals reach their limits on Malta and can discover completely new underwater worlds. A particularly popular destination is Malta's neighbouring island Gozo. Here, you will find crystal clear water, a breathtaking rocky coast and a unique underwater world. We recommend wreck diving or cave diving: An impressive experience that you will never forget. 

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