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OK, Madrid may the big city, par excellence, in this region but there plenty more going else where in this part of the world.
A trip to the northwest of ther city takes the traveller to one of the most famous monuments in the whole of Spain – El Escorial.
This monastery cum church and palace melts in a framework of courtyards, corridors and rooms forming a rectangular block crowned by four towers with pointed spires on each one of the corners, offsetting the horizontal lines.
Another interesting excursion is to Alcalá de Henares, an old city only a short distance from Madrid, the site of the famous University founded in 1498 by Cardinal Cisneros.
The University building, at Plaza de San Diego, boasts a splendid "Plateresque" facade, whilst the interior courtyards are also worth visiting, especially the most famous one called the "patio trilingüe" where classes of Hebrew, Greek and Latin were taught.

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