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Hotels and places to stay: Our selection of romantic hotels in Italy and boutique Italy hotels matches the country’s wide variety of beauty. Notwithstanding those places that seem to roll off the tongue, Tuscany, Venice, Pisa, etc, all visitors will discover something unique to them in its unmatched combination of hospitality, gastronomy, scenery and seemingly limitless man made wonders.
In this wonderful country with its endless number of historical sites, ancient villages and towns, culture and works of art and its breathtaking variety of landscapes it is not easy to choose a place to spend your holiday. But we can help you find a romantic Tuscany Accommodation, an Agriturismo in Toscana, a beautiful Hotel in Florence or a Palazzo in Venice. Also further south you can choose between a great sea view from the terrace of a Hotel on the Amalfi Coast or a Masseria in Apulia. Not to forget the Countryside Hotels in Sicily. We have also made a special collection of hotels on Lake Garda, with special note to the less known Lake Iseo.

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  •   Authentic environment
  •   Design
  •   Easygoing
  •   Fine cuisine
  •   Good for business
  •   Great for kids
  •   Historical building
  •   Natural beauty
  •   Panoramic views
  •   Romantic
  •   Secluded
  •   Simple pleasures
  •   Sporty and fun
  •   Trendy
  •   Value for money

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Boutique & Romantic Hotels in Italy

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Welcome to one of the most alluring countries in the world.

Everything you have ever heard about Italy seems to ring true. Yes, it is a treasure trove of perfectly preserved monuments, blessed by the genius of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, et al: a veritable open-air museum where you are liable to miss something on your travels if you blink. But beyond producing some of the most beautiful art and landscapes ever seen, it remains a distinctly traditional country with strong family values and much to surprise the traveller.

Romantic Towns We’ve all heard of Venice, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Verona but these places, beautiful as they may be are only the tip of a very big iceberg. There are literally hundreds of beautiful towns to discover, some of which are even hardly know outside their respective region. Even the smallest village seems to have a work of art or masterpiece attached to it.

Festivals Italy serves up numerous world famous and world-class festivals. Almost all of Italy’s towns commemorate a local historic or religious event.

Wine Country Italy is one of the great wine producing countries in the world and there is hardly an inch of the country which is not geared up to wine production. The best Italian wines, many of which are not well known to the outside world, rival the best of what France has to offer. With one of the most varied climates in Europe from the Alps in the extreme north through the rolling hills of Tuscany and on to sun-rich vine-growing areas of Sicily, there is something for everyone’s taste in Italy.

Mountains Much of Italy is covered by mountains. The Dolomite mountains which extend across northern Italy are part of the Alps mountain range. The Apennine mountains cut down the centre of Italy, stretching from north to south and forming the backbone of the country dividing the east and west coasts.

Natural Parks Roughly 10% of Italian territory is protected by state and regional laws. There are currently 20 National Parks and more than 130 Regional Parks that are part of the national system of protected areas. In addition, the Italian peninsula is scattered with National Reserve areas (some 150 territories protected by state laws), Regional Reserves (a total of 270 valuable areas protected by regional laws), and 16 Marine Reserves.

Places of rare beauty protected for future generations.

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Secretplaces is an independent hotel guide to some of the most beautiful and charming hotels and guesthouses, independent of price. Over the years, we have visited thousands of lodgings of which only a few have made it into this fine selection